Although my girls have only had one day with Studio 89, they both enjoyed it tremendously! Can't wait to go back next week! -Krista Breault

I went to the Lion King tonight and I have to say that it was the BEST dance show I have ever seen. The choreography was amazing. The songs, the dancers. Everything. I don’t know much about dance but I have been to Broadway shows on Broadway and this was seriously so put together. I loved it!!! - Victoria Arneson 

Awesome dance studio and amazing teachers my girls love it here. - Lisa Dawn 

Fabulous dance studio! While all the studios in town are good, Studio 89 stands above! The quality of teaching is excellent. They focus on technique as well as dance steps. Ballet incorporates alot of strength conditioning and stretching along with ballet steps.  My daughter spent several years in other studios and gymnastics, never being able to accomplish a full split. In a matter of a few months at Studio 89, she's now got her splits mastered. She has learned focus and has a drive instilled in her that I've never seen before. She has grown exponentially in just a few I haven't seen in 7+ years!

And then then there are the teachers and owners! They are so incredibly helpful, friendly and cognizant of their dancers and the cost of dance. They find ways to help families who want their children in dance, but finances may be a struggle. The teachers have high expectations and help raise the kids abilities to meet those expectations! Other kids are friendly and accepting, parents are wonderful and supportive!! Putting my daughter at 89 was a fantastic move!  - Amy B

 My children love dancing at Studio 89. - Tiffany M 

Great place! My kids love it and the staff is great to work with! - Kristin Thompson 

I love this studio! The staff are amazing! Stacie is so welcoming to everyone. Courtney and Brooke love dance and are amazing at what they do! You will never walk out of this studio without having an amazing experience💞 - Ella Davis 

Hands down the best studio in Williston!! Amazing girls and great staff!!! My daughter loves it and has grown so much!! - Krisy Wolle

Without this studio I would not be the dancer I am today. The teachers are so amazing and motivate every dancer to be their best. I would have never made my college dance team had I not danced here. I'm so thankful for all of the amazing friends I've met, memories I've made and lessons I've learned at this studio. Would recommend to any dancer! - Katie Olson 

Keeps my daughter busy doing something positive, that she loves. The instructors are great with the students and all personnel is a pleasure to deal with. Recitals are beautiful. Highly recommend! - Suzy Rojas

It’s a great place to send my kids! They love participating in the classes!! - Tonya Degenstein

This is my daughters second year at Studio 89 and she absolutely loves it! They have lots of classes to choose from great instructors and the studio owner is phenomenal! If you are new to Williston and looking for a great dance studio, This is it! - Dar Cousin-McCree

Love the instructors and the older girls really encourage the younger ones which is great! - Teri Jo Peterson   


Good group of people, my girls love dancing at Studio 89 - Mike Rosland Ryan-Motors 

This was my daughters first year in dance and she absolutely loves it! She's 4 and had so much fun dancing at their recital. You all are amazing and I can't thank you enough for helping my little one have a passion for something! - Heather Kittleson     

All the coaches has gone beyond the call of duty and loved each one of these performers. Thank you all for what you do for the community and beyond. My heart is so grateful for this opportunity you have given all who has practiced so hard to be here in this show. Love you all. - Javonna Jones     

My daughter had never done any type of dance. We signed her up for tap. She had the best time. The teachers welcome everyone with open arms and are super helpful. We are back this year for more tap, and are adding ballet. Thank you Studio 89!!!! We love love love you!!!!! - Jacob and Janna Hills     

Love having both of my girls here. It's a huge group of amazing women and girls of all ages working together :) - Jill Landrie     

I had my daughter enrolled in her first dance class last year and we plan on staying at Studio 89 for years to come! - Callie Anderson     

Abby is too excited for this year. Wonderful teachers, great ideas, fun girls. Five star spectacular! - LaDonna Wetzel     

This studio is amazing! I love everyone that is in it and apart of it☺️ - Kealy JoAnn Wright     

Studio 89 has the best teachers,students and very supportive parents!!! I love this studio!!❤️ - Sydney Fearing     

These Instructors, Dancers and Parents are the BEST of the BEST!!! They truly are..."The Region's Premier Dance Studio"!!! And that's a fact Jack!!! - Missy Barkie     

This is my 4th year here! I love it here so much!!! - Kaolin Wanner     

My first year and performance with studio 89 I love it! - Kriesha Calderon     

Love this studio - Courtney Castro     

Great costumes and really great efforts by everyone. Fresh, bright and entertaining. Great job Dancers - congratulations on job well done!!  - Deborah Slade

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