All of our dancers compete in the most advanced levels

Studio 89 is The Most Premier Dance Competition Team In The Bakken!

All participants of Studio 89 Company Competition teams are highly talented, hard working dancers that are looking to expand their dance experience. All dancers will compete in regional and national dance competitions throughout the nation. 

Studio 89 Companies also perform in Williston, the state of North Dakota and regionally for public entertainment. These students love of dance and their commitment to themselves and their teammates is why Studio 89 has been voted the Best Dance Studio in The Bakken. At Studio 89 these students and their parents become very much like a larger dance family sharing all the company experience has to offer. 


Auditions for Studio 89 Company are held annually twice a year. Generally in May and August. Please visit our calendar page on our website for exact dates.

Competition Fundraising

If you or your child are interested in joining the competition team and would like to raise funds toward fees, you may ask to join the Studio 89 Booster Club. For any completed fundraisers you have participated in, you will be paid directly in the form of a check . You may use this money however it suits your dancer most. Booster Club meets monthly generally the first Monday of the month and it is at that time you will meet and get to know the other parents and learn of the upcoming fundraiser opportunities.

Competition Tuition

 Competition tuition is a flat fee for required classes. Please contact the office for further details.

*Additional fees apply, such as: additional classes, costumes, props, guest choreographer fees, competition and convention entry fees, makeup, hair supplies, travel fees, etc. 

Competitive Dance in Williston

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